Monday, February 10, 2020

Business in Context. UK Economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Business in Context. UK Economy - Essay Example This essay stresses that political factor have a huge influence upon the economy as the policies and legislatures are drafted and implemented by the political parties are mostly related to the business trade practices. It not only has a political influence upon businesses but also the businesses create an attempt to influence environmental policy by endeavouring to position the political programme and to influence regulations and legislations. This paper makes a conclusion that the population tends to rise and the consumption habits too. The culture and the society generate demand for certain merchandises and services which are offered by the business houses as per the consumers demand. UK has shown a rise in the GDP. This is due to the socio-cultural affect. Consumers are the central point of the business. The technological advancement has made the consumers expectation more. This creates the gap between the expectation of the consumers and the predicted expectation of the business towards the consumers. The new changes in immigration law and intellectual property law stated by the UK government have gained international attention and many international corporations are looking forward to this policy. The policies have been able to attract many foreign players like Google, Intel and many other corporate. Technical advancement for any country aids in development of the business houses.

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